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In recent times, we witnessed an explosion of Number Theory problems that are solved using mathematical software and powerful computers. The observation that the number of transistors packed on integrated circuits doubles every two years made by Gordon E. Moore in 1965 is still accurate to this day. With ever increasing computing power more and more mathematical problems can be tacked using brute force. At the same time the advances in mathematical software made tools like Maple, Mathematica, Matlab or Mathcad widely available and easy to use for the vast majority of the mathematical research community. This tools don’t only perform complex computations at incredible speeds but also serve as a great tools for symbolic computation, as proving tools or algorithm design. The online meeting of the two authors lead to lively exchange of ideas, solutions and observation on various Number Theory problems.

The ever increasing number of results, solving techniques, approaches, and algorithms led to the idea presenting the most important of them in in this volume.


F. Smarandache



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Number Theory, unsolved problems, diophantine equations

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