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Graphs and matrices play a vital role in the analysis and study of several of the real world problems which are based only on unsupervised data. The fuzzy and neutrosophic tools like fuzzy cognitive maps invented by Kosko and neutrosophic cognitive maps introduced by us help in the analysis of such real world problems and they happen to be mathematical tools which can give the hidden pattern of the problem under investigation. This book, in order to generalize the two models, has systematically invented mathematical tools like bimatrices, trimatrices, n-matrices, bigraphs, trigraphs and n-graphs and describe some of its properties. These concepts are also extended neutrosophically in this book. Using these new tools we define fuzzy cognitive bimaps, fuzzy cognitive trimaps, fuzzy relational bimaps and fuzzy relational trimaps which exploit the new notions of bimatrices, bigraphs, trimatrices and trigraphs. It is worth mentioning that these can be extended to n-array models as a simple exercise.


Hexis, Phoenix



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bimatrice, bigraphs, neutrosophic bigraphs, neutrosophic logic

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