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The systematic study of supermatrices and super linear algebra has been carried out in 2008. These new algebraic structures find their applications in fuzzy models, Leontief economic models and data-storage in computers. In this book the authors introduce the new notion of superbimatrices and generalize it to super trimatrices and super n-matrices. Study of these structures is not only interesting and innovative but is also best suited for the computerized world. The main difference between simple bimatrices and super bimatrices is that in case of simple bimatrices we have only one type of product defined on them, whereas in case of superbimatrices we have different types products called minor and major defined using them. This book has four chapters. Chapter one describes the basics concepts to make this book a self contained one. Superbimatrices, semi superbimatrices, symmetric superbimatrices are introduced in chapter two. Chapter three introduces the notion of super trimatrices and the products defined using them. Chapter four gives the most generalized form of superbimatrix, viz. super n-matrix.


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superbimatrices, super trimatrices, super n-matrices

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