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Neutrosophic Analysis is a generalization of Set Analysis, which in its turn is a generalization of Interval Analysis.

Neutrosophic Precalculus is referred to indeterminate staticity, while Neutrosophic Calculus is the mathematics of indeterminate change.

The Neutrosophic Precalculus and Neutrosophic Calculus can be developed in many ways, depending on the types of indeterminacy one has and on the methods used to deal with such indeterminacy.

In this book, the author presents a few examples of indeterminacies and several methods to deal with these specific indeterminacies, but many other indeterminacies there exist in our everyday life, and they have to be studied and resolved using similar of different methods. Therefore, more research should to be done in the field of neutrosophics.

The author introduces for the first time the notions of neutrosophic mereo-limit, neutrosophic mereo-continuity (in a different way from the classical semi-continuity), neutrosophic mereo-derivative and neutrosophic mereo-integral (both in different ways from the fractional calculus), besides the classical definitions of limit, continuity, derivative, and integral respectively. Future research may be done in the neutrosophic fractional calculus. It means that in neutrosophic calculus there are limits, continuity, derivatives, and integrals that are not complete, i.e. there are neutrosophic functions that at a given point may have a degree of a limit (not 100%) called mereo-limit, or may be continuous in a certain degree (not 100%) called mereo-continuity, or may be differentiable or integrable in a certain degree (not 100%) called mereo-derivatives and respectively mereo-integrals. These occur because of indeterminacies...

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precalculus, neutrosophic precalculus, calculus, neutrosophic calculus, neutrosophic mereo-limit, neutrosophic mereo-continuity, neutrosophic mereo-derivative, neutrosophic mereo-integral, neutrosophic fractional calculus