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The study of environmental pollution by chemicals used in agriculture as pesticide or as fertilizers or pollution caused by industries and chemical plants which use chemicals have not been analysed systematically. This book has five chapters. First chapter is introductory in nature. Here we just study chemical pollution caused by garment industries in chapter two of this book using fuzzy associative memories. In chapter three we give ways to control pollution by improving the system performance using hierarchical genetic fuzzy control algorithm. This study is carried out using the past data reported by Shimada et al (1995). Health hazards suffered by the agriculture labourers; caused by the chemicals used as fertilizers and pesticides is analysed in chapter four using RTD matrices. Chapter five gives a method of minimization of SOx and NOx using fuzzy control theory in cement industries to reduce pollution. The reader is expected to have a good mathematical background to understand how these fuzzy techniques are adopted in analyzing the pollution problem.


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environmental engineering, pollution problem, fuzzy technique, biotechnology

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