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In this book the authors introduce the new notion of rank distance bicodes and generalize this concept to Rank Distance n-codes (RD n-codes), n, greater than or equal to three. This definition leads to several classes of new RD bicodes like semi circulant rank bicodes of type I and II, semicyclic circulant rank bicode, circulant rank bicodes, bidivisible bicode and so on. It is important to mention that these new classes of codes will not only multitask simultaneously but also they will be best suited to the present computerised era. Apart from this, these codes are best suited in cryptography. This book has four chapters. In chapter one we just recall the notion of RD codes, MRD codes, circulant rank codes and constant rank codes and describe their properties. In chapter two we introduce few new classes of codes and study some of their properties. In this chapter we introduce the notion of fuzzy RD codes and fuzzy RD bicodes. Rank distance m-codes are introduced in chapter three and the property of m-covering radius is analysed. Chapter four indicates some applications of these new classes of codes.


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rank distance codes, rank distance bicodes, fuzzy rank distance codes

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