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In this book the authors introduce the notion of set codes, set bicodes and set n-codes. These are the most generalized notions of semigroup n-codes and group n-codes. Several types of set ncodes are defined. Several examples are given to enable the reader to understand the concept. These new classes of codes will find applications in cryptography, computer networking (where fragmenting of codes is to be carried out) and data storage (where confidentiality is to be maintained). We also describe the error detection and error correction of these codes. The authors feel that these codes would be appropriate to the computer-dominated world. This book has three chapters. Chapter One gives basic concepts to make the book a self-contained one. In Chapter Two, the notion of set codes is introduced. The set bicodes and their generalization to set n-codes (n ≥ 3) is carried out in Chapter Three. This chapter also gives the applications of these codes in the fields mentioned above. Illustrations of how these codes are applied are also given. The authors deeply acknowledge the unflinching support of Dr.K.Kandasamy, Meena and Kama.


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set codes, set bicodes, set n-codes

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