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This book for the first time introduces the notion of special set linear algebra and special set fuzzy linear algebra. This is an extension of the book set linear algebra and set fuzzy linear algebra. These algebraic structures basically exploit only the set theoretic property, hence in applications one can include a finite number of elements without affecting the systems property. These new structures are not only the most generalized structures but they can perform multi task simultaneously; hence they would be of immense use to computer scientists. This book has five chapters. In chapter one the basic concepts about set linear algebra is given in order to make this book a self contained one. The notion of special set linear algebra and their fuzzy analogue is introduced in chapter two. In chapter three the notion of special set semigroup linear algebra is introduced. The concept of special set n- vector spaces, n greater than or equal to three is defined and their fuzzy analogue is given in chapter four. The probable applications are also mentioned. The final chapter suggests 66 problems. Our thanks are due to Dr. K. Kandasamy for proof-reading this book. We also acknowledge our gratitude to Kama and Meena for their help with corrections and layout.


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special set linear algebra, special set vector space, set fuzzy linear algebra

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