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Welcome into my scientific lab! My lab[oratory] is a virtual facility with noncontrolled conditions in which I mostly perform scientific meditation and chats: a nest of ideas (nidus idearum, in Latin). I called the jottings herein scilogs (truncations of the words scientific, and gr. Λόγος – appealing rather to its original meanings "ground", "opinion", "expectation"), combining the welly of both science and informal (via internet) talks (in English, French, and Romanian). In this second book of scilogs collected from my nest of ideas, one may find new and old questions and solutions, some of them already put at work, others dead or waiting, referring to many topics (see Topics) in different fields of research – email messages to research colleagues, or replies, notes about authors, articles, or books, so on – in an eager pursuit (consectatio) for meanings, reasons, and purports of (scientific) things (res). Feel free to budge in or just use the scilogs as open source for your own ideas.


Pons, Brussels



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science lab, virtual laboratory, scientific communication

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