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This volume is a collection of five papers. Two chapters deal with problems in statistical inference, two with inferences in finite population, and one deals with demographic problem. The ideas included here will be useful for researchers doing works in these fields. The following problems have been discussed in the book: Chapter 1. In this chapter optimum statistical test procedure is discussed. The test procedures are optimum in the sense that they minimize the sum of the two error probabilities as compared to any other test. Several examples are included to illustrate the theory. Chapter 2. In testing of hypothesis situation if the null hypothesis is rejected will it automatically imply alternative hypothesis will be accepted? This problem has been discussed by taking examples from normal distribution. Chapter 3. In this section improved chain-ratio type estimator for estimating population mean using some known values of population parameter(s) has been discussed. The proposed estimators have been compared with two-phase ratio estimator and some other chain ratio type estimators. Chapter 4. In this section we have analysed exponential ratio and exponential product type estimators using two auxiliary variables are proposed for estimating unknown population variance 2 yS . Problem is extended to the case of two-phase sampling. Chapter 5. In this section structural dynamics of various causes of migration in Jaipur was analysed. Reasons of migration from rural to urban areas and that of males and females are studied.


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statistical inference, demographic problem, optimum statistical test procedure

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