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Neutrosophic logic grew as an alternative to the existing topics and it represents a mathematical model of uncertainty, vagueness, ambiguity, imprecision, undefined-ness, unknown, incompleteness, inconsistency, redundancy and contradiction. Despite various attempts to reorient logic, there has remained an essential need for an alternative system that could infuse into itself a representation of the real world. Out of this need arose the system of neutrosophy and its connected logic, neutrosophic logic. This new logic, which allows also the concept of indeterminacy to play a role in any real-world problem, was introduced first by one of the authors Florentin Smarandache. In this book for the first time we have ventured into the total analysis of migrant labourers in rural Tamil Nadu who are victims of HIV/AIDS using FCM, BAM and Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps. As in our study and analysis we felt several of the factors related with the psycho, socio, economic problems of these HIV/AIDS patients from rural Tamil Nadu (a southernmost state in India) remain indeterminate apart from the data being an unsupervised one. At the outset, we first emphasize that the study and analysis (and there by the conclusions and suggestions) pertain only to migrant labourers from rural Tamil Nadu who are poor and uneducated and who are HIV/AIDS infected. So this study cannot be extended to urban people or rich/ sophisticated/ educated populations of Tamil Nadu.


Xiquan, Phoenix, USA



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neutrosophic logic, HIV/AIDS research, medicine

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