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The authors in this book have analyzed the socio-economic and psychological problems faced by People with Disabilities (PWDs) and their families. The study was made by collecting data using both fuzzy linguistic questionnaire / by interviews in case they are not literates from 2,15,811 lakhs people. This data was collected using the five Non Government Organizations (NGOs) from northern Tamil Nadu. Now any reader would be interested to know whether the Tamils (natives of Tamil Nadu) had ever spoken about people with disability. Even before 2000 years tamils had heroic poetry Purananuru (28th poem) about the war fare methods. In that poem mention was made about 8 types of disability. The 8 types of disability (by birth not due to disease or accidents or due to war) mentioned in order are as follows: (1) Blindness, (2) Aborted embryo (3) Hump back (lying with the body disposed in a crooked position) (4) Dwarf (5) Dumbness (speech impaired) (6) Deafness, (hearing impaired) (7) No proper development of bones (8) Bewilderment of mind (Not in a position to standup these persons mind never grows) (reference Purananuru poem 28).


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neutrosophic logic, disabilities, tamil nadu, mathematics

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