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In this book, we define several new neutrosophic algebraic structures and their related properties. The main focus of this book is to study the important class of neutrosophic rings such as neutrosophic LA-semigroup ring, neutrosophic loop ring, neutrosophic groupoid ring and so on. We also construct their generalization in each case to study these neutrosophic algebraic structures in a broader sense. The indeterminacy element “ I “ gives rise to a more bigger algebraic structure than the classical algebraic structures. It mainly classifies the algebraic structures in three categories: such as neutrosophic algebraic structures, strong neutrosophic algebraic structures, and classical algebraic structures respectively. This reveals the fact that a classical algebraic structure is a part of the neutrosophic algebraic structures. This opens a new way for the researchers to think in a broader way to visualize these vast neutrosophic algebraic structures. This book is a small attempt to do this job.


EuropaNova ASBL, Brussels



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neutrosophic algebraic structures, neutrosophic logic

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