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In this book authors study the properties of finite real quaternion ring which was introduced in [2000]. Here a complete study of these finite quaternion rings are made. Also polynomial quaternion rings are defined, they happen to behave in a very different way. In the first place the fundamental theorem of algebra, “a nth degree polynomial has n and only n roots”, n is untrue in case of polynomial in polynomial quaternion rings in general. Further the very concept of derivative and integrals of these polynomials are untrue. Finally interval pseudo quaternion rings also behave in an erratic way. Not only finite real quaternion rings are studied, but also finite complex modulo integer quaternion rings, neutrosophic finite quaternion rings, complex neutrosophic quaternion rings for the first time are introduced and analysed. All these rings behave in a very unique way. This book contains several open problems which will be a boon to any researcher.


EuropaNova ASBL, Brussels



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finite quaternion rings, infinite quaternion pseudo rings

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