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Fuzzy theory is one of the best tools to analyze data, when the data under study is an unsupervised one, involving uncertainty coupled with imprecision. However, fuzzy theory cannot cater to analyzing the data involved with indeterminacy. The only tool that can involve itself with indeterminacy is the neutrosophic model. Neutrosophic models are used in the analysis of the socio-economic problems of HIV/AIDS infected women patients living in rural Tamil Nadu. Most of these women are uneducated and live in utter poverty. Till they became seriously ill they worked as daily wagers. When these women got admitted in the hospital they were either terminally ill or the disease has advanced to a chronic stage. We mainly choose this group because they are the most neglected in our male dominated society. Further, after the Aryans entered India, for their comfortable living they introduced and enforced on the natives the Manusmritibased culture that is chiefly responsible for ill treatment of the women in India. The Laws of Manu treat women as a mere object. They can never be independent entities or even policy-makers for themselves. The pitiable impact of Manu on these uneducated rural men has become a part and parcel of them that they treat women very badly. This patriarchy is indirectly one of the major causes of spread of HIV/AIDS among rural women in India.


Hexis, Phoenix



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fuzzy theory, fuzzy logic, HIV/AIDS, neutrosophic logic

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