Erik Medina

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Lifts of Frobenius on formal schemes X over the p-adic completion of the maximal unramified extension of the p-adic integers may be viewed as arithmetic analogues of vector fields on manifolds. In particular, vector fields on the tangent bundle of a manifold, appearing for instance in Hamiltonian mechanics, have as arithmetic analogues lifts of Frobenius on arithmetic jet spaces J^1(X) of schemes. In this thesis, we first consider the projective space P^m and prove that lifts of Frobenius do not exist on its arithmetic jet spaces J^n(P^m_R) for n, m >= 1. Exhibiting a contrast in the case n=m=1 between the arithmetic and geometric frameworks, we show on the other hand that the space of vector fields on the tangent bundle T(P^1_k) lifting vector fields on P^1_k, where k is an algebraically closed field, has dimension 6 over k. Nevertheless, "normalized" vector fields, which play a role in Hamiltonian mechanics, do not exist on T(P^1_k). We proceed to prove a stronger result for the case n=m=1, that there are no effective Cartier divisors on J^2(P^1) that are finite-to-one over J^1(P^1), and discover that an analogous result holds in geometry. As a final result, we prove the nonexistence of lifts of Frobenius on the first jet space of any smooth quadric hypersurface in projective space.

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Mathematics & Statistics

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Alexandru Buium

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Janet Vassilev

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lifts of Frobenius, arithmetic geometry, vector fields

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