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Archived here are files, data and program files, that are supplementary the following article, expected to be published in 2019:

* Terry A. Loring. Bulk Spectrum and K-theory for Infinite-Area Topological Quascrystal. Journal of Mathematical Physics, (2019 est.).

The files, in Matlab format, allow the user to create approximate eigenvalues for a topological Hamilontian on a round patch of a quasicrystal. The data files describe pathes of the Ammann-Bennkeer tiling. One of the data files is really large. Read the file README.txt first (available via the main download button), so see if you can avoid downloading the largest file.

Recommended Citation Loring, Terry A. "Bulk Spectrum and K-theory for Infinite-Area Topological Quasicrystals [dataset]." (2019).

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