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Stream research is currently being conducted at several sites in the Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network, although the primary focus of research at most sites is on terrestrial rather than aquatic ecosystems. To stimulate comparative stream research both inside and outside the Network, we have compiled this data catalog from responses to a questionnaire sent to all LTER sites. In this brief overview, I draw upon information from the following chapters to summarize the range of stream conditions found across the Network.

The extent of stream research conducted at an LTER site varies considerably across the Network as a consequence of differences in research objectives among sites, the number of stream researchers in the project, and site funding priorities. There is presently no set of parameters being measured in all LTER stream projects. Hence, the data in this overview are incomplete in the sense that information was not available for all variables from all sites. Nevertheless, the existing data demonstrate the wide range of stream environments to be found in the LTER Network.