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This thesis is an in-depth exploration of the situation of women in the border town of Mezquital, Mexico. The local experiences of women in Mezquital are situated within the larger theoretical debates of economic policy in Latin America, gender, labor and development. The theoretical analysis sets the stage to facilitate a process aimed at assisting the local women of Mezquital in creating alternative income generating opportunities to meet their specific economic needs and to highlight their talents. A participatory research process was implemented that incorporated the underlying assumptions of the gender and development paradigm. This case study is a snapshot of a community in Northern Mexico that is harnessing their strengths and addressing their needs in an effort to think creatively regarding solutions that will produce positive social and economic multipliers in their local community and region.




Mexico, economic development, Participatory planning, community development, cooperatives, microfinance, social business, Gender and Labor

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Community and Regional Planning

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Latin American Studies

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School of Architecture and Planning

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Latin American Studies

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Tiano, Susan

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Fontenla, Matias