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This is a research report that describes the scope of [American] Indian resources, their effect on the national energy supply and the relationship that should exist between Indian nations and the Energy Research and Development Administration. There are areas of mutual interest as the tribes strive towards self-sufficiency and the Energy Research and Development Administration strives towards its goals of fulfilling the nation's energy needs and its share of the Federal trust responsibility to Indian Nations. The trust responsibility includes the duty to see that Indian rights are protected and developed in a way that is in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the trust, both culturally and economically.

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Research paper

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Energy resource management and development in Native American country


Energy resources, history, Native American relations, economic development, legal status, trust responsibility, tribal powers, tribal government structure, a case study: The Osage Nation, barriers, energy research and development administration programs, environmental concerns, Tribes summaries


Indigenous Education

Indians, The Energy Research and Development Administration: A look at common interests and concerns.