Museum of Indian Arts and Culture: Digital Treaty Workshops

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Museum of Indian Arts and Culture recently hosted a series of Facebook workshops providing an overview of treaty law and treaties with Native Nations in the United States. The recorded sessions are now available to view online.

MIAC DigiTreaties Workshops

Session 1, Part 1: International Law - Terminology and Definitions (Basic Terms, Significance), Treaties - International Law (Topics, Contents of Treaties, Parts of a Treaty, Significance)

Session 2, Part 1: Review (What are the Elements of a Treaty?, How are U.S. Indian Treaties Different from "Traditional" International Treaties?), Overview of Federal Indian Law.

Session 2, Part 2: Overview of Federal Indian Policy, Review of the Influence of U.S. Policies Over Time on Indian Treaties, Transition from Treaties to Statutes.

Session 3: Review of Federal Indian Law and Indian Treaties, Scope of the Indigenous Digital Archive (IDA) Treaties Explorer Portal, Conduct Research with the IDA Treaties Explorer (Useful Definitions, Website Layout, How to Search).




Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, US National Archives

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