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9 p. ; A subcommittee report of Governor Richardson's Task Force on Ethics Reform.


Broadly speaking, the Ethics and Campaign Reform Task Force has been assembled to develop constructive methods for removing the adverse effects of money on the political system and improving public confidence in the integrity of state government operations. There probably is no single more effective way to achieve this broad mandate than to remove the influence, access and problems due to political campaign contributions by having New Mexico join the leading vanguard of states and municipalities that provide public financing of elections. Not only would public financing help remove the real influence of money on the political process, it would remove the perception of moneys corrupting influence. Restoring public confidence in the political process and the perception that government is working for all people is especially important right now in New Mexico. Ongoing political corruption scandals in our state have eroded public confidence and enhanced the perception that money is the most powerful force in the political process. This report reviews some options for public financing and provides recommendations.'




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