Governor Richardson's Task Force on Ethics Reform (2006)

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23 p. ; Final Report of the 2006 New Mexico Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform, chaired by Governor Garrey E. Carruthers and Dean Suellyn Scarnecchia.


Governor Bill Richardson created the Governors Task Force on Ethics Reform to develop a comprehensive approach to reforming New Mexico's ethics and campaign finance laws. During the course of its work, the task force discussed issues pertinent to campaign finance, governmental conduct, legislative compensation and prevention and enforcement. After discussing the broad range of issues to be included in a recommended reform package, the task force members agreed to make recommendations to establish a state ethics commission; to limit the receipt of gifts by state officials; to establish campaign contribution limits; to strengthen campaign reporting laws; to provide legislative expense reimbursement accounts; to establish appointive offices for the state treasurer and state auditor; and to extend public financing of campaigns to races for statewide and judicial offices. This report provides a brief history of previous ethics and campaign finance reform efforts in New Mexico and a description of the work of the Governor's Task Force on Ethics Reform. It further describes the recommendations of the task force and reasons for those recommendations.'




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