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Maryam Ahranjani, an associate professor of law at the University of New Mexico, says government officials can mandate vaccination for their employees.

“The law is pretty clear that in using the state's police power to regulate for the health, safety and welfare of its citizens, an employer can require vaccinations,” Ahranjani said.

Ahranjani pointed to Jacobson v. Massachusetts, a 1905 Supreme Court Case that ruled mandatory vaccinations constitutional. But she says that just because she believes employers can require vaccinations doesn’t mean it’s the best solution.

“There's some strong arguments for why it's probably not the best approach,” Ahranjani said. “One is there are going to be people who don't want to, or say that they can't, for religious or medical reasons, comply with such a requirement. And so, as a result, that's going to cause potentially some litigation, some costs.”

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