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How The U.S. Ignores Immigration And Asylum Laws, by Megan Kamerick. Immigrant. Refugee. Asylum. These are words we’ve been hearing a lot this year. But what are the laws around refugees in the United States and internationally and is the U.S. following its legal obligations? On this episode of University Showcase, we talk with Professor Jennifer Moore. She's an expert on refugee law and teaches it at UNM. Moore co-authored one of the first law school text books on refugee law. Prior to joining UNM in 1995, she worked with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees in West Africa and in Washington D.C. She also did work for UNHCR in Croatia on post-conflict reconstruction, and she was a Fulbright Scholar in Tanzania teaching human rights law. Last year she received the Sarah Belle Brown Community Service Award from UNM for her “inspirational example of advocacy and social responsiveness.”

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KUNM, University of New Mexico

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University Showcase


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