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Building community, that is, sustaining our connections to family and our ancestry is often hampered by going to law school. Law schools are highly adept at assimilating you into a profession and a worldview that can be at odds with who you were and how you saw the world before you began law school. Unfortunately, in order to fit in, it can seem advantageous to forget tus ralces, your roots. I began by talking about unigndo comunidades as a progressive objective and have been talking about the second part of your conference theme, learning lessons and mobilizing for change, as methods to achieve the objective. I am making a plea that you work more closely with us in LatCrit to create an alliance between progressive law students and law professors that will advance both of our agendas.

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Chicana/o-Latina/o Law Review



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Community, LatCrit, Affirmitive Action, K-12



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