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This white paper recommends a series of seven Executive Orders to the new Administration, all in the areas of health, safety, and the environment. Each of the suggested Executive Orders directs agencies of the government to take specific steps that would make a realworld difference and simultaneously send a signal to the public, Congress, the business community, and others that a new course has been charted and that change has arrived.

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Center for Progressive Reform

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By CPR Member Scholars: Rebecca M. Bratspies, David M. Driesen, Robert L. Fischman, Sheila Foster, Eileen Gauna, Robert L. Glicksman, Alexandra B. Klass, Catherine A. O’Neill, Sidney Shapiro, Amy Sinden, Rena Steinzor, Robert R.M. Verchick, and Wendy Wagner, and CPR Policy Analyst James Goodwin



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