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Color Map of Selected American Determinist Settlements, 1770s-1780s. This is a color version (with additional details) of a black and white map also entitled Selected American Determinist Settlements, 1770s-1780s,' that appears in Chapter Three, 'Grassroots Self-Government: America's Early Determinist Movements' in Christian G. Fritz, American Sovereigns: The People and America's Constitutional Tradition Before the Civil War (Cambridge University Press, 2008), 50. The map depicts the locations and periods of settlements along the American frontier in which statehood or separate status was sought for regions claimed by existing states on the basis of the constituent authority of 'the people' inhabiting those regions. The chapter illustrates how the collective authority of the sovereign people, simultaneously legitimate and subversive, quickly spread among Americans with their Revolution and penetrated even the most remote reaches of America.

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American Frontier, Separatist Movements, Self-Government, State Making, State of Franklin, Statehood Movements, Watauga Settlements, Westsylvania, Transylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire Grants, Kentucky Statehood, Cumberland Association, Constituent Power, Sovereignty of the People