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Fall 7-1-1996


This article analyzes the duties placed on the stadium and event-site owners to prevent such injuries, as well as the defenses available to stadium and event-site owners. Spectator injuries constitute a large area of negligence law and there is a commonality among the various spectator sports. This article analyzes stadium/event-site owner liability in a three-dimensional model. The purpose of a three-dimensional model is to unweave the complex fabric which constitutes liability for spectator injuries. Various sports are independently analyzed in the first section, which represents one dimension. Part II assesses three common types of jurisdictions which affect the stadium/event-site owner's ability to defend against negligence actions. Part III addresses the various types of injuries to which spectators are more commonly prone. By analyzing common injuries independently, a third dimension is created. Thus, each section represents a different tort dimension in the stadium/event-site owner context.

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Marquette Sports Law Journal



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