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This Comment discusses the rationale underlying single-sex education and the diversity in its implementation. This Comment argues that not only are single-sex classrooms withing private undergraduate institutions legally unsound, but also that this approach fails to address long-term public policy concerns about the situation of women in education. As the United States grapples with education reform, it is far too easy to initiate Band-Aid solutions. Single-sex education, ranging from single-sex classrooms to single-sex public schools, should exist as an option, but Title IX and equal protection standards must be satisfied. The first section of this article discusses the historical perspective on single-sex education. The second section argues that single-sex classes within a private university receiving federal funding violate Title IX and other legal principles. This Comment concludes with recommendations for ways to incorporate single-sex education into the landscape of a private, coeducational university.

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American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law



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