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I shall begin the development of this proposition with a theme from a "Last Lecture" I was asked to deliver by the UNM Campus Ministries several years ago. I was asked to pretend that I would die immediately after giving the lecture. I opened the lecture with a story my mother used to tell us about the time she was traveling on Trailways with two of my older brothers, then toddlers. The bus driver asked her to move to the back of the bus. She had not wanted to get up but decided that compliance with the demand was in order since she had the boys with her. After she got up but before she moved to the rear, she told the bus driver, "One day I will do you a service and you will do me a service." The story was confrontational in tone. I learned from her that I need not suffer indignities in silence, that speaking up even in the most trying, indeed the most inconvenient, of circumstances could make a difference.

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