KUNM Interviews Clifford Villa about Who Pays for Animas and San Juan River Cleanup

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KUNM Call In Show 8/20/2015
Program by Gwyneth Doland.

The mustard-yellow plume has passed and the Animas and San Juan rivers are now open again. But how long will the toxic chemicals from the Gold King Mine spill linger? What is being done to clean up the rivers and who should pay for it? Can mining companies be held accountable? Should the EPA pay because they triggered the spill?


  • Marisa Demarco, Public Health New Mexico reporter, KUNM
  • Tommy Roberts, Mayor of Farmington, NM
  • Clifford Villa, UNM Law Professor specializing in environmental law
  • Andy Corra, owner, 4Corners Riversports, Durango, CO

Originally Posted: http://www.kunm.org/post/listen-who-pays-animas-and-san-juan-river-cleanup

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KUNM, University of New Mexico


Animas River spill, Gold King Mine, San Juan River, EPA, Environmental Protection Agency


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