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The mobile home of today is a far different creature than that from which it was bred. Changes in size, appearance, safety, convenience, and desirability as a place to live have caused the modem mobile home to bear little resemblance to its ancestors. Functioning as a permanently emplaced dwelling, the mobile home has come to be recognized as undeserving of the label "mobile." Other than by place of manufacture, mobile homes have become increasingly indistinguishable from conventional single family dwellings, raising the question of whether mobile homes can reasonably be restricted from areas reserved for single family dwellings. Land controls, both public, in the form of zoning restrictions, and private, in the form of restrictive covenants, commonly operate to exclude mobile homes from single family residential districts. This note will examine whether mobile homes are distinguishable from site-built homes for the purpose of restrictions imposed by zoning ordinances and restrictive covenants and will explore the analysis required to make such a distinction. This note will conclude that only where a mobile home fails to compare favorably with the other dwellings that could be erected on the site can it be reasonably restricted from a site in a single family residential neighborhood.

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Wayne Law Review



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Mobile Homes



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