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The amount of digital scholarly output grows daily, yet only a small fraction of legal scholarly communication is published in traditional venues such as law reviews and journals. Some of this digital scholarly communication makes it to the Web and becomes a resource often referred to as "gray literature," but this can be a haphazard process at best. The UNM School of Law Library employs DSpace, an open source digital institutional repository, to enable the Law faculty to collect, preserve, index, and distribute their digital work, as well as to provide a community for peer review of works in progress. DSpace places digital objects on a server, generating a permanent URL for that item in the process. Google Scholar indexes documents in DSpace. DSpace is a growing, global phenomenon with more than 75 DSpace servers currently in existence. The UNM School of Law faculty are encouraged to archive their scholarly works in DSpace to make them freely available to all, consistent with the Open Access Movement.

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UNM School of Law


Albuquerque, New Mexico


DSpace, Open Access Movement, Institutional Repositories, University of New Mexico School of Law


A similar presentation was given on June 9, 2005, at the CALI Conference in Chicago.

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