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This article is prefaced with a reflection on Indigenous Peoples in the legal profession which leads into a discussion on the pedagogy and preparation of Indigneous students in law. It addresses the current pedagogy employed in training indigenous students in law and proposes a reframing of this preparation by including and employing an indigenous perspective and intellectual tradition of leadership. It considers the relationship of the Indian law academician with indigenous justice systems. The article addresses the influence on pedagogy that emerges from the Indigenous legal tradition, and the importance of incorporating these influences into the education and preparation of law students to serve Indigenous peoples, particularly in clinical education. These influences are briefly discussed as law/yering approaches. Scholarship connected to this pedagogy can provide much needed analysis of the tribal legal landscape. Likewise, theory and praxis merge in the law practice clinic and in work by the academician outside the academy and provides the advantage of testing and exploding theory.

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North Dakota Law Review



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