Voluntary Admission and Involuntary Hospitalization of Minors


Voluntary Admission and Involuntary Hospitalization of Minors


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Law, Mental Health, and Mental Disorder


Bruce Dennis Sales & D. Shuman

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560 pages



PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS FOR LAW, MENTAL HEALTH, AND MENTAL DISORDER INTERACTIONS. 1. The Newly Emerging Mental Health Lew. 2. "Why Would I Need a Lawyer?" Legal Counsel and Advocacy for People with Mental Disabilities. 3. Mental Health Professional Expertise in the Courtroom.

PART TWO: MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS AND THE LAW. 4. Confidentiality in the Psychotherapeutic Relationship. 5. Malpractice Liability of Mental Health Professionals and Institutions. 6. Regulating the Marketplace for Competition Among Mental Health Providers: The Roles of Antitrust Law and State Mandates. 7. Legal Influences on the Financing of Mental Health Care.

PART THREE: MENTAL HEALTH CLIENTS AND THE LAW. 8. The Voluntary Delivery of Mental Health Services in the Community. 9. Protections for Persons with Mental Disabilities: Americans with Disabilities Act and Related Federal and State Law. 10. Guardianship for Incapacitated Persons. 11. The Impact of Law on the Delivery of Involuntary Mental Health Services. 12. Issues Relating to Women and Ethnic Minorities in Mental Health Treatment and Law. 13. Treatment and Refusal Right in Mental Health: Therapeutic Justice and Clinical Accommodation. 14. Compensation for Mental and Emotional Distress.

PART FOUR: OFFENDERS WITH MENTAL DISORDERS AND THE LAW. 15. Incompetency to Proceed in the Criminal Process: Past, Present, and Future. 16. The Insanity Defense: Deconstructing the Myths and Reconstructing the Jurisprudence. 17. Dangerousness as a Criterion in the Criminal Process. 18. The Incapacitation by Civil Commitment of Pathologically Violent Sex Offenders. 19. Offenders with Mental Disorders in the Criminal Justice-Correctional Process. 20. The Mental Health Implications of Crime Victims' Rights.

PART FIVE: IMPACT OF THE LAW ON THE MENTAL HEALTH OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES. 21 The Legal Processing of Domestic Violence Cases. 22. The Law's Response to Child Abuse and Neglect. 23. Voluntary Admission and Involuntary Hospitalization of Minors. 24. Mental Health Issues in Juvenile Justice. 25. Child Custody Decision Making and the Politics of Child Advocacy. Name Index. Subject Index.



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Pacific Grove, CA


Brooks/Cole Publisher



Voluntary Admission and Involuntary Hospitalization of Minors