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Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law is an encyclopedic treatise written by experts in the field, and provides general overviews to relevant information as well as in-depth study of specific areas within this complex area of federal law. This is an updated and revised edition of what has been referred to as the ""bible"" of federal Indian law. This publication focuses on the relationship between tribes, the states and the federal government within the context of civil and criminal jurisdiction, as well as areas of resource management and government structure.

This compact publication is the only comprehensive treatise explicating one of the most difficult areas of federal law. Used by judges as well as practitioners, this publication provides the tools to understand the law and to find relevant cases, statutes, regulations, and opinions critical to answering legal questions about federal Indian law. This updated edition remains the definitive guide to federal Indian law.



Publication Date



New Providence, NJ


LexisNexis Mathew Bender


Indigenous, Indian, and Aboriginal Law | Law


Nell Jessup Newton

Executive Editors
Robert T. Anderson
Bethany R. Berger
Carole E. Goldberg
John P. LaVelle
Judith V. Royster
Joseph William Singer
Kevin Washburn

Contributing Authors In Memoriam
Philip P. Frickey
David Getches

Contributing Author to 2012 edition
Melody Kapilialoha MacKenzie

Contributing Authors to 2005 edition
Kenneth Bobroff
Jo Carrillo
Gavin Clarkson
Richard B. Collins
Barbara L. Creel
N. Bruce Duthu
Lorie M. Graham
Sarah Krakoff
Robert Laurence
Stacy Leeds
Vicki J. Limas
Melody Kapilialoha MacKenzie
Richard Monette
Valerie J. Phillips
Frank Pommersheim
G. William Rice
Lindsay G. Robertson
Pat Sekaquaptewa
Alexander Tallchief Skibine
Dean B. Suagee
Melissa L. Tatum
Gloria Valencia-Weber
Mary Christina Wood
Kevin J. Worthen
Christine Zuni Cruz

Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law

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