Basics Plus: A Legal Argumentation Exemplar


Basics Plus: A Legal Argumentation Exemplar



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Designed as a complement to Blumenfeld’s Basics of Legal Argumentation and Its Expression, this book provides concrete examples of the concepts presented there. The examples in this book show the implementation of the many abstract concepts of legal writing in a variety of unique situations. Twelve distinct cases provide the basis for working through concepts related to one or more of the phases of creating a legal argument and expressing that argument in writing. In using the more abstract concepts in connection with unique and specific cases, the author establishes that each concept must be adapted to the particular requirement of each particular case. One can simply read through the examples to see demonstrations of the concepts at work, or, one can actually work through the examples with the author, continuing with the “further work” suggested with each example. This book illustrates that the concepts are indeed tools and not templates or ends in themselves: they must be combined with the writer’s thinking and understanding skills to achieve an effective document for any one specific and unique case. The two books together form a valuable resource for the legal writer.



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Basics Plus: A Legal Argumentation Exemplar