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Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions in Latin America



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Tobias Fischer currently works in Bolivia on Uturunku Volcano. This volcano is particularly interesting because it has been deforming massively in recent decades but has not erupted. Tobias and his team are working with an international group from other US Universities, the UK, and Bolivia. Tobias also works closely with a former Ph.D. student who is on the science staff at a volcano observatory in Costa Rica. Latin America has a very large number of active volcanoes and many population centers close to these volcanoes. Volcanic hazards are not theoretical there but an everyday reality.

Tobias Fischer is a volcanologist and geochemist who researches fluids discharging from active volcanoes and hydrothermal systems. He and his students also measure diffuse degassing in tectonically active areas such as the East African Rift. Current field areas include volcanoes in Central and South America and the East African Rift (Tanzania). Tobias obtained his Ph.D. in 1999 from Arizona State University. He had a post-doc position at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory working on noble gases in geothermal systems. He joined UNM in 2000 as an Assistant Professor and is currently Professor and Director of the Volatiles Laboratory in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences where his team uses mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to analyze volatiles.


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Fall 11-12-2021


Volcanos, Latin America, Earth Science



Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions in Latin America