The Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs (CLASP) founded the Américas Award in 1993 to encourage and commend authors, illustrators and publishers who produce quality children’s and young adult books that portray Latin America, the Caribbean, or Latinos in the United States, and to provide teachers with recommendations for classroom use. Each year CLASP celebrates winning titles by holding an award ceremony at the Library of Congress during Hispanic Heritage Month. This collection houses awards ceremonies from 1995-2002. Recordings post 2002 can be found on the Library of Congress website: . For more information on the Américas Award, visit the CLASP website: .


Submissions from 2004

2002 - Award Recipient: Julia Alvarez, CLASP

Submissions from 2002

2001 - Award Recipients: Jorge Argueta, Elizabeth Gómez, Francisco Jiménez, CLASP

Submissions from 2000

1999 - Award Recipient: Juan Felipe Herrera, CLASP

Submissions from 1999

1998 - Award Recipients: George Ancona and Amelia Lau Carling, CLASP

Submissions from 1998

1997 - Award Recipients: Francisco Jiménez, Regina Hanson and Linda Saport, CLASP

Submissions from 1997

1996 - Award Recipients: Carmen Lomas Garza and Victor Martínez, CLASP

Submissions from 1996

1995 - Award Recipient: Frances Temple, CLASP