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Issue No. 50: July 1999


1 Chris Wilson and His Book, The Myth of Santa Fe, Win Award
1 Call for Nominations for Society's Annual Awards
1 Separate "Certificates" Honor Dr. Spencer Wilson and the Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR
1 2000 Annual HSNM Conference Call for Papers
2 "Where There's Smoke..." Wildfire Policy and Suppression in the American Southwest
6 SOS Makes First Awards to Preserve Sculptures
6 Items of Interest from the recent QUIDO: Online Archive of New Mexico
6 Items of Interest from the Recent QUIDO: History of New Mexico Course
6 4th Annual Anza World Conference Scheduled
6 Architectural Historian, Elmo Baca, Receives Fellowship
7 Historical Society of New Mexico $1,000 History Scholarships
7 Weaving Project Exhibit Opening Slated for July and Continues through November
7 Flu Killed Hundreds in New Mexico, Making Worst Epidemic in U.S. History
8 Book Review, Leaf to Root, Ears to Tail, Idonsapshe: Let's Eat. Traditional Zuni Foods
8 K'yawaho:we, Chile Stew with Potatoes