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Issue No. 40: April 1995


1 Historical Society of New Mexico 1995 Annual Conference, Tucson, Arizona, April 13-16, 1995
1 A Friend of So Many of Us Dies, Lee Myers, 1902-1994
1 Westerners to Trade Old Books for New
1 The Juan Martínez de Montoya Collection and the Palace of the Governors
2 Murder at Piños Altos
3 Books, Nina Otero-Warren of Santa Fe
3 New Mexico Heritage Preservation Week, May 13-21
4 Books, The Last Cowboys: Closing the Open Range in Southeastern New Mexico, 1890s-1920s
4 Jerry L. Rogers Succeeds John Cook at Santa Fe
4 Architectural Artifact Collections Survey
4 Directory of Cultural Resource Education Programs Now on sale!
4 Cultural Resource Training Directory Available Free!