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Issue No. 38: April 1994


1 Historical Society of New Mexico Annual Conference Set
1 An Exciting Proposal for El Rio de Santa Fe: Instead of Beer Cans and Worn-out Tires, Why Not Flowing Water down the River All Day, Every Day, All Year Round
2 The New Mexico Town Company, Emerson Twitchell and Magdalena: Agent W. H. Patton Absconds with Lot Sale Proceeds, Two Unsolved Questions
3 Magdalena
3 Tidbits from the Magdalena Mountain Mail
3 And from the Magdalena News
4 The HSNM-UNM Press Books, A Report
4 House Memorial 23, 41st Legislature, State of New Mexico, Second Session, 1994, Sponsored by Representative Max Cole
4 Dr. Wilson Honored