1 New Mexico Has Lost a Treasure: Dr. Myra Ellen Jenkins (Dr. "J"), September 26, 1916-June 22, 1993
1 I Remember Myra
2 Myra Ellen Jenkins: A Teacher
2 Homenaje a una buena señora / In Honor of a Good Lady
2 Recordando a la doctora Myra Ellen Jenkins / Remembering Dr. Myra Ellen Jenkins
2 A Note from Norman Cleaveland
3 "A Whole Box of Pandoras"
3 Albert H. Schroeder, March 23, 1914-July 19, 1993, A Memory
3 Ode to Myra Ellen
4 I Remember Aunt Myra Ellen
4 A Remembrance from another Former Student
4 Documents Saved for New Mexico
5 Dr. J and the Battle for Blue Lake
5 Beautiful Blue Lake
5 Recollections of "Dr. J."
6 Memories of Myra Ellen
6 Myra and Billy
6 Memoriam: Dr. Myra Ellen Jenkins
7 A Different Kind of Document--Saved!
8 Myra Ellen Jenkins at Zuni
8 Making Tea for Dr. J...Properly
8 A Tribute to Dr. Myra Ellen Jenkins
9 Myra Ellen, Amos and the Flag
9 A Memoir of Myra Ellen Jenkins
9 Myra Ellen, Victorian Peak and Legend
10 A Letter from an Old Friend and Cousin
10 Myra Ellen Jenkins: Six Volumes of History, 1916-1993
10 "My Memories of Dr. Myra Ellen Jenkins"
11 From the Editor
11 Myra Ellen Jenkins: Historian and Archivist of the Southwest
12 A Selected Account and Publication List of Myra Ellen's Contributions as a Historian, Researcher, Writer and as an Expert Historical Witness
12 Call for Papers, Historical Society of NM Annual conference, Taos, April 21-23