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Issue No. 3: April 1977


1 Landmark Legislation Signed by Governor Jerry Apodaca: Archeological Sites on Private Land Protected from Scavengers
1 Disorders in New Mexico 1778
1 Gus Seligmann Address Historical Society Annual Meeting
1 The Ilfeld Building: Está Muerto
2 The Expedition to Victorio Peak--or--the Treasure Trail of Padre La Who?
3 New Mexico Historic Preservation Awards 1977
3 Earl Kubiceck Named Historical Society Executive Director
3 "This Miserable Kingdom..."
3 New Mexico Arts Commission Awards Program Announced
4 Kit Carson Memorial Foundation Wins 1976 Award
4 Field School 1977--Gallup, July 9-30
4 Local Historical Societies & Institutions Affiliated with the Historical Society of New Mexico