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Left for decades on the proverbial back burner, Argentinas once cutting-edge but now very much dusty nuclear power sector is experiencing a real renaissance. For the first time in more than a quarter century, the country is preparing to open a new nuclear power plant, its third. More may be on the way as Argentina looks to ease its dependence on fossil fuels, particularly natural gas. Then a regional pioneer, Argentina opened South America's first nuclear power plant in 1974: the 335 megawatt Atucha I facility. Approximately 115 km northwest of Buenos Aires in the town of Lima, Atucha I continues to generate electricity for the country's central grid, as does the 600 MW Embalse plant, which opened a decade later in the north-central province of Córdoba. Together the two nuclear facilities account for roughly 6% of Argentina's total installed generating capacity, estimated at approximately 24,000 MW.'