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Chevron (formerly ChevronTexaco) wasted millions of dollars to delay the trial brought against it by Ecuador's Amazonian Indians and campesinos for the environmental disaster caused by 20 years of oil exploitation. The verdict is expected to go against the company and to be handed down within the next two months. In 2001, Texaco Petroleum Company was bought by Chevron, which then became ChevronTexaco until 2005 when Chevron dropped Texaco from its name. Texaco extracted petroleum in the Ecuadoran Amazon from 1967 to 1990 in a joint venture with state-owned Petroecuador. As part of its operations, the company built an oil pipeline across Ecuador from the Amazon jungle to the Pacific port of Esmeraldas, set up 22 pumping stations, drilled 339 wells, and obtained some 1.5 billion barrels of crude, roughly 80% of the nation's oil production during that period.