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The case for this paper is based on García v. Taft, which was heard in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi Division, Civil Action NO. C-84-230, in 1985. The final decision was made in 1989. The case addresses a gerrymandered, at-large election system in the City of Taft, which was used to keep African-American and Mexican-American residents from taking part in city elections. The gerrymandered city boundaries did not include a large portion of the city inhabited by the Mexican-American voting block. To this day, a large part of this voting block is still not considered part of the city. Using this case, I will describe the events as I remember them from my experiences attending meetings and being involved in this action through my parents efforts to include me in the events. Newspaper stories written about these events, court documents and a literature review that examines Mexican-American history in Texas, political mobilization, racial gerrymandering, and the at-large election process will provide an understanding about this action.'


Community and Regional Planning Program, University of New Mexico


This is a student paper on Hispanic Land and Voting rights.