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Understanding case identification practices, protocols, and training needs of medical examiners and coroners (MEC) may inform efforts to improve cause-of-death certification. We surveyed a U.S.-representative sample of MECs and described investigation practices and protocols used in certifying sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUID). We also identified MEC training and resource needs. Of the 377 respondents, use of the SUID Investigation Reporting Form or an equivalent was 89% for large, 87% for medium, and 52% for small jurisdictions. Routine completion of infant medical history, witness interviews, autopsy, photos or videos, and family social history for infant death investigations was ≥80%, but routine scene re-creation with a doll was 30% in small, 64% in medium, and 59% in large offices. Seventy percent of MECs reported infant death investigation training needs. Increased training and use of standardized practices may improve SUID cause-of-death certification, allowing us to better understand SUID.