We wish you a smooth takeoff! Launching “Intensive Care Fundamentals”: an ESICM educational initiative for newcomers to intensive care unit

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Only a few of us will ever forget that overwhelming feeling when we entered the intensive care unit (ICU) for the very first time as young doctors. Every year, more and more doctors come to the ICU for the first time, either at the start of their career in intensive care (in the countries where intensive care medicine (ICM) is a primary specialty) or as a part of the training in another baseline specialty. The educational needs of these doctors-in-training are similar across Europe, but their training is different. The early experience in ICU can determine a future career, including the decision to continue the specialist training in intensive care or to choose another specialty. Yet, only a minority of hospitals in Europe use standardised induction courses tailored to the educational needs of doctors on their first placement in ICU. A very similar situation exists for the growing number of advanced critical care practitioners. Non-specialised courses in intensive care exist and are very popular, such as the BASIC Course, which meets Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists curriculum requirements. Not all aspects of international courses might be relevant for practitioners in Europe.